Yogi Surprise

I’ve been a subscriber to the Yogi Surprise jewelry subscription box for over 2 years. I love it! I mean, it’s just $25 and you get two beautiful pieces of jewelry AND chocolate send right to your door each month. I think it’s the chocolate that really keeps me subscribed. I’ve collected a wide range of yogi jewelry and I love wearing them and also sharing some as gifts. It’s definitely worth it. The regular retreat box is awesome, too. I just became a subscriber recently. Use the code “YOGILOVE” for 15% off for life!


Prior to trying Shakeology, I was skeptical about most supplements and shakes. I wasn’t a shake type of girl. But that changed in 2012 when I became a Beachbody coach and learned about all the amazing benefits. Not only did I learn about them, but I felt it within in my own body. I know so many others who have benefited from this product, that I just HAD to make it available to you as well.

Home Fitness DVDs

I bought P90X from an infomercial back in 2008 as a off-season summer workout to continue my training as a college track athlete. It was my first glimpse at what home fitness could really do for a person. Home workouts save you money, save time and they already know the science of what works. And it does! If you put in the work. I’ve completed several home fitness programs including P90X, P90X3, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, the Ultimate Reset (detox), and TurboFire. Lately, we’ve all been obsessing over new programs like Core De Force and the year-long access to Beachbody on Demand options.

All-Access On Demand Workouts

Let’s face it, DVDs are kind of a thing of the past. Heck, neither my laptop nor my desktop computer have CD drives. Now days, it’s all about streaming workouts. With the latest promotion through Beachbody, you can get ALL access to loads of programs for just $99/year. That’s loads cheaper (like $40 cheaper) than when I bought p90x from that infomercial back in the day. You get all the programs including all of the newest releases and yet-to-come workouts that Beachbody releases, usually twice a year. Check it out here!