Official Bio

Ashley Jonas started practicing yoga in 2010 as a college athlete. After experiencing the benefits of a daily yoga practice, she received her 200-hour certification and began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2013 from American Power Yoga in Dallas, TX. Ashley is inspired by all movement styles including martial arts, calisthenics, running, weight lifting and dance. She continues studying movement arts through the Budokon Mixed Movement Academy with Cameron Shayne. Her classes are fun, yet challenging with focus on finding the yogi warrior within. See her local yoga class schedule or book a private lesson.

When she’s not on her yoga mat, Ashley is likely at her computer creating brand identities, logos, and graphicsl for her many clients. She attained B.S. in graphic communications, emphasis in digital design & productions with minor in mass communications from MSUM Moorhead and has over 6 years of professional graphic design experience. Check out her portfolio of fancy designs.

Story Bio

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this story time journey.

For the majority of my childhood, I grew up in small-town northern Minnesota.

It’s probably good to mention my parents here. My mom worked long hours to support me and my twin sister. She worked as a forklift operator in a factory and hair stylist on the side. A good combo, huh?


My dad was also a super hard worker. He was the smartest guy I knew. He was so smart, in fact, that his mind wasn’t very nice to him. He was in and out of my childhood due to his mental state and alcohol/drug abuse. In 2013 he died from suicide. I miss him every day. This was a very pivotal point in my life, but more on that later.

Both my parents taught me the value of hard work, but also that life is too short to be wasted doing things you don’t like. By the time I was 23, I had everything I was “supposed” to want. I was married to a great guy. I was living in my dream home. Two fancy cars filled our extra wide two-stall garage. I made a decent income at my full-time job in my field. My co-workers were awesome. I even had a dog and a couple cats. Everything a person could want, right?


Fast forward 5 years and all I have left of that life is my dog…

…and I couldn’t be happier.

For some, living that life described above is the dream. It wasn’t for me. That life didn’t feed my soul in the way that I knew life could.  I knew there was another path out there that I needed to explore. I now live a simple life in a small apartment so that I can explore opportunities (and the world) to make a bigger impact, without the physical or financial strain.


So this is me now – yoga teacher, movement artist, graphic designer and entrepreneurial business coach (and dog mom). Much of my energy goes into teaching yoga classes and workshops. When I’m not on my mat, I’m usually at my computer designing ultra-fabulous graphics or meeting with clients to discuss the future of their business endeavors.

And that’s that. More to come later.