Hi! I’m Ashley, your friendly yogi graphic designer.

I help yoga teachers and studios with branding, marketing, social media and website creation.

When I’m not on my mat or at my computer, I’m usually walking my dog, out on a wild adventure, out at local coffee shops and breweries. Check out my portfolio and/or sign up on my email list for exclusive access for more examples of my work and resources to help you in your yoga practice and business.

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I’ve been working with Ashley on many projects and ad campaigns. She doesn’t limit herself to my initial direction, rather she offers suggestions that better follow my brand. Case in point, I recently needed her to come up with a ‘January Challenge’ campaign. My ideas centered around some of the prizes, but Ashley immediately told me “I don’t want this campaign to be about what your giving away, rather sell the Alley Cat experience.” She came up with a five ad campaign and the first week alone we set a new attendance record 25% better than ANY week in our three year history. She’s creative and talented, but really gets the brand you are trying to be.

Dave Frenz

Owner, Alley Cat Yoga

I am so grateful for the beautifully unique style of Ashley’s classes. Her ability to integrate the “basics” with a fun, dynamic practice always leaves me smiling and challenged! She has a fantastic way of communicating with her students and exudes a positive, sincere and authentic energy.

Jacque S.

Ashley’s classes have made me stronger. Her classes are fun and challenging. Yet a new beginner to yoga could jump right in. Ashley has really pushed me when it comes to yoga, giving different ways to approach and try new poses, all while making it fun.

Megan P.

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