How yoga helps you get in the zone

Why would make a group of high school kids in an off-campus sports class want to do yoga? This is what I asked myself this morning. Yoga is not a sport. Yoga is not meant to be competitive. Yoga is kinda weird. I realized then that most people practice yoga, not because they want to master poses or actually DO “yoga,” but because it helps them in every OTHER aspect of life. The benefits of yoga are there to help you in all […]

Alley Cat Yoga Weekend Recap

This was by far the most fun trip to Wisconsin I have been on so far. Every time I visit and teach a few classes at Alley Cat Yoga in Tomah, WI, it just gets better and better. I see similar faces and smiles and I’m able to connect on a more personal level since they now know who I am. It’s been so fun to see the progression of students during grand opening almost two years ago compared […]

Winter Camping Adventure

Once you go winter camping, regular camping will be a breeze! I got the opportunity to go camping on Mille Lacs Lake in Garrison, MN, with a couple new friends going out for the annual snow kiting event. As noobs, two of us didn’t get to use our skis or snowboard since the wind was dead on Saturday, and then too windy on Sunday. But that’s okay! We had a blast anyway. Jon and John’s excitement was contagious. It just […]

Start Living NOW! How I went from introvert to extrovert

A year or so ago, I would have told you that I was totally an introvert. I read the book Quiet by Susan Cain and pinpointed myself completely as an introvert. It doesn’t mean I was shy, just that I recharged better being alone or around only a couple people. I preferred small gatherings, if at all, and I’d rather sit home on a Friday night reading a book than go out on the town. I went to bed […]

Stop Waiting for Friday

I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships or anything but I’ve come to a realization that’s made me feel more at peace. If you ever want to learn more about yourself, take time to be with yourself, at least a little while. See what comes up.

What I’ve learned recently while reflecting on my life, is that I want to BE with people, rather than just DO things with them. Does that make sense? Be vs. do? Don’t get me wrong, I […]

Yoga in my Undies

“Pain is the single most powerful motivator of growth for mankind.”

I’m sitting here on my computer at home typing away this blog post shortly after completing a wonderful home yoga practice. Do you know what I love about yoga at home? I can do it in my undies and not care! My hair can be a frazzled mess but no one is watching. Make-up? What’s that? I started practicing yoga almost 6 years ago when I was still in a […]

Ashley’s Graphic Design Services

Did you know? I have a passion for something other than yoga and fitness. It’s called branding and graphic design. Lately, I’ve just been working on branding myself as Simply Ashes, but I can imagine benefits to so many others. You don’t need a fancy  new name or anything special… you just need to show others YOU! And if you’ve got something to offer the world, you’ve got a brand. You see, this is something I probably take for granted as […]

Finding YOU as a yoga teacher

Finding you!
So you’re now a fitness instructor or yoga teacher, now what? How do you get loads of students attending your classes instead of the other one down the street? Teaching great classes is one thing, but in today’s society, developing your uniqueness is critical. Yoga trainings are popping up almost as fast as fast food restaurants and turning out new yoga teachers left and right. To gain popularity and credibility as a teacher, you’ll have to dig deep and […]

The big “E”

Today, December 23, 2016, precisely 2.44 years after receiving my yoga teacher certificate, I reached a milestone goal. To non-yoga teachers, this won’t mean much. But to yoga teachers and especially teacher trainers, this is a big deal! I officially received the “E” to add to my RYT (registered yoga teacher) credential! The E stands for “experienced” and is given to 200-hr trained instructors after teaching 1000 yoga hours and painstakingly inputting each class into the Yoga Alliance website, […]

Happy New Year!

Hi Friends and Family,
Update time! I’ve had quite an eventful year with traveling and enjoying time with friends and family. In March, I traveled to Miami for Budokon Yoga training, a style of martial arts yoga. In May, my mom and I spent a weekend in Dallas, TX, and attended a yoga class with one of my favorite famous yoga teachers. I then spent a month in Europe during the summer traveling to Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Volos, Greece; […]