Awesome Yoga Playlists on Spotify

I’ve been asked often about the music I use in yoga classes. I tell people to find me on Spotify, but really… who’s going to go through the effort? So I’ll make it easy on you and screenshot some of my yoga playlists and songs so you can look them up if you’d like to. You can also find me on Spotify here. If you have troubles, my spotify user number is 12122900782 and I think I go by “ashyjonas” […]

Creating Yoga Videos

Good morning!

Today I wanted to share with you my BRAND NEW yoga class videos that I just made public on YouTube. Below, you’ll find my first 3 and I hope to include a couple more. But creating these videos is quite a process, especially without any fancy equipment, and I want to share the steps to get to the final sharing stage without breaking my bank.

Filming the 45 minute class takes about 1.5 hours with driving to the studio, […]

Inspiration Cards

I’ve had several people ask where I get the daily inspiration deck of cards that I share on Periscope every morning during our daily morning moves broadcast. I got them from a local shop in Fargo, but I did some research and found them online as well.

They’re found at and direct link to the card deck is below. I couldn’t find them on Amazon or I’d give you that link as well. They are $18.95 plus $5 shipping […]

How to Meditate

My mom called this morning after I had finished my morning meditation. She’s cute. She said, “Meditation is easy, all you do is think of all the positive things in life and you’ll feel better through your day.” Yes, thinking positive puts you in a better mood, but that’s not quite meditation. That’s more like, positive affirmation contemplation. A true state of meditation comes from letting go of your attachment to thoughts, whether good or bad. Nothing is good […]

What is this PERISCOPE thing?

I first heard of the Periscope app when Kino MacGregor (Kino Yoga) kept talking about it in Snapchat. At first I was annoyed because she was promoting another social media site on a social media site. I wanted to spend countless hours on snapchat, not being redirected someplace else.

And then I finally checked it out.

When my most favorite people and mentors start doing something, I want to follow what they’re doing because they know what’s up! Soon, I saw Chalene Johnson […]

Adventures Of Munches in Europe

Hi! I had quite an adventure in Europe. I also had a lot of fun bringing my little friend Munches around and taking pictures of him in many of the places I went. It was a fun project for me and he made a great point of reference for the photos. You can find the pics on Instagram using the hashtag #AdventuresOfMunches.

Late night blog: combatting anxiety

I am a talker. I always have been and it’s how I’ve always felt with my emotions. I talk to people. Sometimes it’s venting and sometimes it’s just thoughts about life and love. Lately I’ve felt supressed and haven’t shared my feelings with many people. I’ve been unable to share exactly what’s going on in my life, mostly from fear. Fear that i will be judged and shamed. Some people have ideas or have asked but I haven’t been […]

Summer Time Adventures

It’s nice to look back and see what you’ve accomplished. And today I’m not necessarily looking at goals, but rather counting the fun summertime experiences I’ve had. The summers here in the north are way too fast so every fun event needs to count. This list of pictures is in no way in chronological order. They are kinda scattered. That’s okay. It’s just memories.

Full weekend camping trip to Itasca. We did all the usual things like biking, kayaking, running, […]

Going to Europe


Wait, what?!

I’m going to Europe! In less than three weeks. For an entire MONTH! That’s right folks. I’m headed over the Atlantic on July 20 to go explore the world and territories unknown to me. Now don’t you worry, I’m in good hands with a couple of good friends who have experience traveling and are super awesome, so I will not be doing this alone.

Where are we going?

First we fly to Dublin, Ireland where one friend’s brother lives. Then I’m […]

Late night blog – My best life

There’s no where to move except forward. Dwelling on the past, questioning the what ifs and the should haves won’t get you anywhere but depressed. There’s a saying that if you are depressed, you are living in the past; if you are anxious, you are living in the future; if you are at peace, you are living in the now.
So what do I want to do to make the rest of my life, the best of my life?
I’m going to keep doing what I’m […]