Thai Yoga with Ashley

Hey guys! It’s Ashley. One of the things in life that I am passionate about is helping people feel their best. Whether it’s creating free clean eating guides and challenges or teaching yoga classes, I enjoy it all. I especially love learning different modalities that can help YOU become a better, more optimal human being. I am now offering what I like to call “Lazy Man’s Yoga” or Thai Yoga if you want to be politically correct. Literally, you just lay […]

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I was well into the 21 Day Fix Extreme program but I didn’t feel like I was seeing any progress. My weight was staying about the same and I was feeling okay. Week 1 was exhausting. Week 2 was exhilarating. And week 3 snuck up on me. Week 3 didn’t go as well as the other two weeks but I will pushing through. Where was the progress? Sometimes it’s not always physical progress that is the most noticeable or […]

February Fitness Progress

This is my one month progress in the diet bet on I joined the “Butler Family Transformer” diet bet where you put money into a pot and get it back (plus a portion of the money from people who did not win) if you lose the % of weight necessary in the time-frame. It’s kinda fun and it’s another great way to keep accountable. In 6 months we have to lose 10% of our body weight, but the first […]

Why My Dinner Made me Cry

For most people, nothing about the dinner plate above says, “look at me, I’m so sad.” But for one reason tonight, tears rolled down my face as I took each bite. This is going to be more of a sad blog, just a warning.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten white fish. When I do eat seafood, it’s typically salmon or sushi or some fancy concoction from a restaurant. But I bought tilapia the other day to follow […]

21 Day to Make or Break a Habit

Does it really take 21 days to make or break a habit? Oh at least! If you can make it 21 days, you can make it a month, and then a year and then perhaps longer. Twenty one days is a great starting place to make positive change.

I did not fully succeed with my first round of the 21 Day Fix program. This is my honest accountability post. I did awesome the first week. And then things starting going down hill. […]

Simply 21 Day Challenge

Hey guys! Ashley here. We’ve had a lot of success with our 7 day clean eating challenge at the beginning of this month that I wanted to offer the NEXT level! We are going to amp it up a bit and go on a 21-day health and fitness journey. We’ll combine simple, basic workouts with optimal nutrition for results like never before. And if you’re ready for an advanced challenge, we have an extreme option as well (I’ll be following […]

Is full-time fitness right for you?

So you want to be a full-time yoga teacher or fitness instructor? You’re considering quitting your job but not sure how to make the transition. Here are a few things to consider before making the leap:
1. Write out your budget
This is perhaps the most crucial element to deciding whether or not, and when, you should quit your day job to go “full-time” fitness instructor. (I put “full-time” in quotes because there is no way you could teach 32-40 hours per week of […]

21 Day FIX Week 1 Recap

Starting weight: ~140 (Jan 18)
Current weight: ~137 (Jan 26)

Current diet: Following the 21 Day Fix guidelines and see previous blog post
Current exercise: 21 Day Fix 30 minute workouts

I’m doing the 21 Day Fix program because it’s simple. It’s something I can do for myself to take care of my energetic needs. I don’t need super intense (however, I might just roll into 21 Day Fix Extreme next) and I don’t need long workouts. In fact, those two elements deter people […]

Monotonous Eating

I pretty much eat the same thing every day with minor variations, and I love it! I remember an audio program by Chalene Johnson talking about successfully fit people and what they do to stay healthy. One thing they do is basically eat the same thing every day. So many programs and guidelines out there give you SO much variety, it’s almost overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely vary your meals each and every day. Those guidelines […]

Going to Miami

Yesterday I finally received an email about the upcoming yoga training I’ll be attending in Miami in March. It’s a Budokon yoga training. I know, as soon as I say that, you’re like, “What’s Budokon?”

According to the Budokon University’s website, they describe it as,
“The BUDOKON®YOGA style is best described as a transition based hatha Yoga flow with continuous circular rotation. Our Yoga style honors its traditional roots of Hatha (posture based) Yoga while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular […]