Yoga in my Undies

“Pain is the single most powerful motivator of growth for mankind.”

I’m sitting here on my computer at home typing away this blog post shortly after completing a wonderful home yoga practice. Do you know what I love about yoga at home? I can do it in my undies and not care! My hair can be a frazzled mess but no one is watching. Make-up? What’s that? I started practicing yoga almost 6 years ago when I was still in a […]

Ashley’s Graphic Design Services

Did you know? I have a passion for something other than yoga and fitness. It’s called branding and graphic design. Lately, I’ve just been working on branding myself as Simply Ashes, but I can imagine benefits to so many others. You don’t need a fancy  new name or anything special… you just need to show others YOU! And if you’ve got something to offer the world, you’ve got a brand. You see, this is something I probably take for granted as […]

Finding YOU as a yoga teacher

Finding you!
So you’re now a fitness instructor or yoga teacher, now what? How do you get loads of students attending your classes instead of the other one down the street? Teaching great classes is one thing, but in today’s society, developing your uniqueness is critical. Yoga trainings are popping up almost as fast as fast food restaurants and turning out new yoga teachers left and right. To gain popularity and credibility as a teacher, you’ll have to dig deep and […]

The big “E”

Today, December 23, 2016, precisely 2.44 years after receiving my yoga teacher certificate, I reached a milestone goal. To non-yoga teachers, this won’t mean much. But to yoga teachers and especially teacher trainers, this is a big deal! I officially received the “E” to add to my RYT (registered yoga teacher) credential! The E stands for “experienced” and is given to 200-hr trained instructors after teaching 1000 yoga hours and painstakingly inputting each class into the Yoga Alliance website, […]

Happy New Year!

Hi Friends and Family,
Update time! I’ve had quite an eventful year with traveling and enjoying time with friends and family. In March, I traveled to Miami for Budokon Yoga training, a style of martial arts yoga. In May, my mom and I spent a weekend in Dallas, TX, and attended a yoga class with one of my favorite famous yoga teachers. I then spent a month in Europe during the summer traveling to Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Volos, Greece; […]

50 Accomplishments of 2015

Three years ago a friend has posted on social media about how we often focus so much on the future and resolutions during the change of the new year, that we often forget how awesome we were in the past year. It’s good to set goals, but also good to reflect. This is the now the third year of creating my list of 50 accomplishments of [insert year]. And I’d like to share with you! These are in no […]

Chalk Board Inspiration

Blue hair don’t care

“I love your hair! But I could never do that.”

I’ve heard that a lot in the last couple months. I ask “why not?” and they respond, “I just couldn’t.” Umm, yeah you can. Unless you have rules at your place of work, you can do whatever you want! Live life on the edge for once. Haha. But really, doing something different isn’t as scary as you think it is. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

My hair is fading fast! […]

Awesome Yoga Playlists on Spotify

I’ve been asked often about the music I use in yoga classes. I tell people to find me on Spotify, but really… who’s going to go through the effort? So I’ll make it easy on you and screenshot some of my yoga playlists and songs so you can look them up if you’d like to. You can also find me on Spotify here. If you have troubles, my spotify user number is 12122900782 and I think I go by “ashyjonas” […]

Creating Yoga Videos

Good morning!

Today I wanted to share with you my BRAND NEW yoga class videos that I just made public on YouTube. Below, you’ll find my first 3 and I hope to include a couple more. But creating these videos is quite a process, especially without any fancy equipment, and I want to share the steps to get to the final sharing stage without breaking my bank.

Filming the 45 minute class takes about 1.5 hours with driving to the studio, […]