Hi I’m Ashley! I’m a yoga teacher (200E-RYT) in Fargo, ND. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2013 and practicing since 2011. I teach a playful vinyasa class with an emphasis in being true to yourself. You’ll often find yourself upside down or liberating your inner ninja warrior. Expect to have a little fun while on your mat.

When I’m not on my mat, I’m usually out on a wild adventure, traveling the world, or simply at my computer creating something awesome to help brand myself or my clients. I graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2011 with a degree in graphic communications and previously worked for 5 years as a graphic designer in the MSU Marketing and Communications department. Since 2013, I’ve been doing various freelance projects on the side with teaching yoga and group fitness. Let’s stay connected. Click on a social icon below or snapchat name “AshyJonas”.

I am so grateful for the beautifully unique style of Ashley’s classes. Her ability to integrate the “basics” with a fun, dynamic practice always leaves me smiling and challenged! She has a fantastic way of communicating with her students and exudes a positive, sincere and authentic energy.

Jacque S.

Ashley’s classes have made me stronger. Her classes are fun and challenging. Yet a new beginner to yoga could jump right in. Ashley has really pushed me when it comes to yoga, giving different ways to approach and try new poses, all while making it fun.

Megan P.